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With trusted name and fully licensed pest control technicians, we at Winnipeg Smart Control are part of the city of Winnipeg MB and we serve many home and business owners throughout the area. Sunday, Christmas or Canada Day, whenever you need to rely on professional exterminators in the area, we are your best source for reliable and professional pest control service. We proud to offer our customers efficient, prompt and impressive service which can be both safe and fast treatment for all of your needs. At Winnipeg Smart Control we considered our clients satisfaction as our first priority, and when you discover bed bugs problem in your home or business, you can be sure that our quick response and affordable rates can meet you expectations.

Our Services In Winnipeg

  • Commercial service.
  • Residential service.
  • Industrial (both small and big facilities)
  • Emergency Pest control service (24 hour)
  • Customized treatment plans.
  • Animal & wildlife removal.
  • Service in distance of 50 kilometers outside of Winnipeg.
  • Pest Management plans.

Our Exterminators In Winnipeg.

If your are combating drastic issues with pests, bed bugs or any intruder, finding yourself a fast peace of mind by hiring our exterminators is a smart decision. We hire the best in the pest control industry and those experts are well known of being trained by our staff of team who has more then 6 years of experience. In Winnipeg you can find a wide range of animals that we all know as wasps, spiders, hornets, roaches, mice, but you can trust our knowledgeable exterminators as they will make a short research and by doing that they can find you a suitable anti-pest plan.

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At Winnipeg Smart Control we aware to the fact that helping you to prevent entry of unwanted invaders into your property is a complicated mission as well as exposing you to a new different types of pest. However by scheduling an appointment with one of our pest control technicians in Winnipeg you can rest assured that our trustworthy work force can easily get rid of your unwanted guests. We believe that keeping your property clean of pest is an important issue and by offering you wide variety of pest control solutions you can be more safe then ever. Call Winnipeg Smart Control today for free inspection for any of your needs!