About Winnipeg Smart Control

Our Story

Our story is a short story about Canadians who made their dream come true by working hard days a night in the pest control and the wildlife industry. After we worked a local contractor for big companies, we “took” our knowledge and our ambition and mixed it all together to one business full of love and hunger to serve more and more and more people in the Winnipeg area. We strive to offer you the most advanced service and we are willing to travel all over the metro to┬ámake sure that your bed bugs problem will be the problem of you roaches.


Winnipeg Smart Control is Winnipeg’s premier local pest control service provider which have been involved in many small and big projects in the past 6 years. We are well known around the area for quick and cheap pests treatment throughout years of knowledge that we have, we strive to offer you more then anti-pest solutions, because we want to be your “property guard” when it come to unwanted visitors. We were the father of the idea of servicing the community and offering our customers low cost service, and when our exterminators around you be sure that any animal in the area is in a great fear.

Our Exterminators

Our exterminators in Winnipeg are the “shield” of our business and their reliability and integrity is the “anchor” of our success story. With high skills, many years of local service, our exterminators are much more then our employees. They are your local pest control experts that can even teach you small things like “when the rats-mice season” or “how to avoid insects get into your home” and by using their tips you can save yourself both time and money.